Organic vs. Natural: What’s the difference?

Although I am loyal to organic products (exhibit A: my blog title), I would also like to share a bit about natural products in this blog. Natural products are also as good as organic products since they are also made with safe ingredients, however, they are not strictly regulated. Many of us probably confuse the two together, so here’s a quick summary of their differences


Beware of these 10 cosmetic ingredients

I discovered that a lot of the ingredients manufacturers use are not only harmful to my skin but also hazardous to my health. I have found that there are actually thousands of chemical ingredients used in our everyday products–here are the TOP 10 cosmetic ingredients that you should be aware of:

What does “organic” really mean?

Organic is a word that we hear a lot these days — is often linked to other words such as natural, herbal, vegan, healthy among others. More often than not, when we hear that something is labeled organic, we immediately think, “oh, its herbal, its safe… I’ll buy it”