Grace Park: Farm-to-Table Organic Restaurant

Grace Park Organic Restaurant

Farm-to-table restaurant is a concept that is getting more popular nowadays, especially with the rise of the organic food industry. It means that all ingredients used in the restaurant are directly acquired straight from the producers like local farms, fishery, brewery and so on.

GRACE PARK: Farm-to-Table Organic Restaurant

Grace Park is a restaurant in One Rockwell, Makati that a lot of people check out because of its cool interiors, but what intrigued me is their food and concept. Owned by Margarita Fores, Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016, I was definitely curious to see what all the rave was about.



First let’s talk about this interior! Combining the industrial + rustic feel, this restaurant feels warm and homey–and definitely instagrammable. 

Grace Park Organic RestaurantGrace Park Organic RestaurantIMG_5188Grace Park Organic RestaurantIMG_5189

The Menu

They feature an international menu offering sandwiches, pasta and steak, while incorporating some Filipino touches here and there. Everything is made with fresh organic ingredients, so looking at the menu alone makes me happy 😀

Grace Park Organic RestaurantGrace Park Organic RestaurantIMG_5145

Aside from their regular menu, they also have a weekly special, depending on what ingredients are in-season.



Grace Park Organic Restaurant

I was definitely impressed by food! The taste + quality was great and knowing that these are organic and straight from the farms, eating them also makes you feel good.

We went for a salad, the 3-Page Organic Field Greens & Honey-Dijon Dressing and 2 main courses: Organic Duck Rice & 2 Organic Eggs and Norwegian Salmon, Scallops and Fish Roe.

Grace Park Organic Restaurant
3-Page Organic Field Greens & Honey-Dijon Dressing
Grace Park Organic Restaurant
Organic Duck Rice & 2 Organic Eggs
Norwegian Salmon, Scallops and Fish Roe

I really enjoyed all of them but I especially liked the salmon dish, since I love seafood (!!!) and it tasted fresh and perfectly seasoned. Bonus: they plated it really well


Final Verdict

I loved everything about this restaurant–their food was A+, the service was great and their interior was instagrammable. I also appreciated that everything was well-thought of, like the little details like using brown paper bags at pots, or using a cardboard for their menus.


Grace Park Organic Restaurant

Ground Floor, One Rockwell Building, Rockwell, Makati City
+639399347223 / 8437275

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